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533HT - Castelloboats
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Castello Amazon 533HT was introduced in 2001 and has been a real success ever since.
The hull of Amazon 533HT, last revised for the season of 2003, is light, stable, smooth and dry. With just a 50 hp engine, it is more than sufficient to be used by the whole family and can reach a speed of up to 30 knots. The bottom is at an angle of 18° at the stern and at 21° under the steering desk, and so all waves are met smoothly. The design improves the curvature and dynamics of the bottom, which helps the boat run more efficiently and with better economy.

The 533HT is among the few HT boats that can easily be passed through. This enables small children, seniors, pets and luggage to board the boat with ease. The 533HT can accommodate two adults and two children for sleeping overnight. There is no need to crouch as the boat’s spacious hood remains at the height of over 170 centimeters. The hood’s front- and backsides can be retracted to use it just as a sunshade. The hood can be stored in an integrated cabinet behind the back rest. The 533HT can be transported using a brakeless trailer and it drains rainwater, so it is just the right boat for day trips, fishing and the family’s weekend travels.
We believe that using a two-layer hull is the most user-friendly way to make a modern HT boat. It makes the boat more sturdy, silent, more appealing visually and it allows unsinkability with relatively modest expenses. Of course, the Recreational Craft Directive does not require the class of HT to be unsinkable, but we consider it such an important safety factor that we wanted to invest in implementing it for your safety.
Hundreds of satisfied owners of Castello Amazon 533HT are currently boating all around Scandinavia.