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613 HT - Castelloboats
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613 HT

Castello 613 HT is a big boat, both for its room and its performance.The 613 definitely has top-notch maneuverability. The dynamic bottom shape of 21° is stable, soft and dry. It can carry high loads and accelerate well with an engine of 90 hp. The boat includes a convenient pentry. It has room for a compressor refrigerator, a stove, a fresh water system and a toilet. Four people will not run out of room on the boat even on an overnight trip. Passengers can spend a festive evening on the large U-shaped sofa, under a spacious hood that can be stored in an integrated cabinet. There is plenty of storage space. For example, large anchor boxes are located at both the bow and the stern.

Safety and comfort are taken care of: the boat has RST railing, a safe swimming platform with a ladder, and all upholstered surfaces are fit for boating and are protected from mold.

The 613HT is an excellent choice for family trips and entertainment.